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Personal Training

While health & life coaching is usually done remotely, personal training is an in-person interaction between trainer & client.  While BWoS does offer remote training (due to the advent of modern technology), in-person training is still highly recommended. It’s much easier to demonstrate proper exercise form, assess the clients form, and make corrections to form & intensity in real time and in-person.

BWoS provides personal training services at your home, your local gym, your gym at work, or any 24-Hour Fitness Center in the Portland metro area.

What's Included?

1. 45 Minute In-person Training Sessions, used as often as needed… from once per month to 3 sessions/week.  

2. Exercise Program Design: general health, classic weight training, general pain reduction & postural alignment routines, or specific ailments such as lower back, hips, knees, etc., based on your needs.

3. Diet and nutrition tips & suggestions. 

4. Support Materials will be provided in either written, audio, or video form.

5. Text Support: You can text BWoS with basic questions during standard business hours. Replies will be in the order in which they are received.

6. Email Support: 24/7/365. This is recommended during off hours or when you have longer questions that may require more elaborate answers. Replies will be in the order in which they are received, and typically sent during standard business hours.